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Restless leg sydrome,won't leave m alone at night without lint size piece of oxycodone...was usuing?

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Bleuidcowgirl 5 Nov 2013

I take potassium pills for the restless leg syndrome. My blood work came back very very low.

accidentw8n2hapn 5 Nov 2013

I have chronic pain for at least 8 years. The latest saga was breaking my neck in 2 separate car accidents within one year. Anyhow, I find if I stretch out without meaning too while I am sleeping, I get woke up out of a dead sleep with Charlie horses in my calves. I have taken Requip which does absolutely nothing so I think at this point my issue is related to Potassium. Good luck to you because I know the miserable excruciating pain this causes. And there is nothing better to wake up in the middle of the night to. That was meant with 100 % sarcasm which I am sure you knew.

Bleuidcowgirl 5 Nov 2013

I discovered the potassium by pure accident. I went to the ER for a ruptured disk and when they decided to keep me for 6 nights they would run blood work and found my potassium levels extremely low. I asked if it could be related to my leg issues I was having (rls) and they said yes. I thought it was interesting so I read more on it and I guess more people have better luck with potassium then with the RLS meds..

MacIntosh12 6 Nov 2013

Hi accidentw8n2hapn,
I also get awakened before the crack of dawn by just what you described, I'll stretch in my sleep and then it's ON, cramping in calves and in feet!
Do you find that you cannot sleep once the cramps begin? I've to get out of bed at 3am, like this morning, as the pain is too intense to stay in bed, who could sleep with cramping and pain like that?!

I think blueidcowgirl has a point, potassium. But you really need to have all of your vitamin and mineral levels checked by your doc, vit D can cause a myriad of painful conditions, as can lack of magnesium.
Best wishes to you,

accidentw8n2hapn 6 Nov 2013

Yes in fact Lara I have anemia and I go to see my hemotologist in less than a week. I am going to ask him to do up a full blood profile while we are at it. What even hurts more is the next day when your legs feel as is Mike Tyson just used then as punching bags. I know I have a hard time walking the day after a Charlie horse bout. Please let me know what you guys find out and I will do the same. Good luck, friends.

DzooBaby 5 Nov 2013

Studies show that opioids like oxycodone are helpful with RLS but most Drs wont prescribe them for this purpose. Talk to your Dr about some of your other options. If they are unsuccessful then he may be willing to prescribe a low dose oxycodone at bedtime. free discount card

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