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Is restless arms and legs common when getting off.tramadol?

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kaismama 26 Jan 2015

Yes as it is with other pain medication.

balbanese 27 Jan 2015

Yes, especially if you've been on high doses for a long time and stop too fast.

Uncltodd 27 Jan 2015

When I missed a dose (50 mg 4/day) I used to get "restless legs." A few weeks ago I started taking a potassium supplement for foot cramps, which stopped... along with the restless legs! In my case, I have to think the two are related. I believe the long-term use of any prescription pain reliever affects anyone's personal nutritional needs. Hope I helped.

Delila 27 Jan 2015

Hi, yes it is, i suffered with this when i discontinued Tramadol. Night time was particularly bad

lezzy444 28 Jan 2015

I had restless legs/back problems when I weaned off of opiods and my doc gave me a script for Clonidine 0.1mg tablets. I took one or two at the time of the restlessness only. It saved me! It made me fall to sleep and never wake until morning. I have been reading in this website several people saying that opiod and tramadol withdrawals are similar. I don't know because I am still taking tramadol. free discount card

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