I am a 68 yo male with degenerative joint disease. I have been on hydrocondone for yrs. I was on 10mg 3 to 4 times a day and was doing well but moved to another city and had to change Drs. My new Pain Management Dr. Had a problem with that much hydro condone and reduced it to 7.5/350 3Xday and put me on the Mylan fentanyl 12 patch changing every 3 days. Within a short time he increased it to a Watson 24 patch. I did well for several months but due to my reactions to the adhesives I changed to the Mallinckrodt 25 patch which was much smaller with less adhesives. All went well for about 2 weeks when I started having problems breathing - I have sleep apnea also. After about 3 weeks It was to the point I was not sleeping at night, couldn't stay awake during the day and every time I dozed off I would stop breathing. I found out that even with my cpap machine I was stopping breathing. I took myself off the patch that day and went totally dependent on the hydrocodone 7.5/350 to make it through. I was 300 miles away from home so could not see Dr. I called and was told I would be ok quitting and the hydro would help me untiI i could get back to see the Dr. Enough history. Has anyone else had a problem like this? What is safe for me to do now? I am still waiting to see my Dr. a week later and don't know what to ask, say, do, expect. I am in pain all day and taking the hydro 7.5/350 up to 6 times a day. I hope to have appointment later today.