I've just been prescribed this medication, been taking it for four days and already I feel like a junky. If I miss a dosage by even a couple hours, my body will have these craving pains but at the same time, this medication makes me so ill; I'm scared of this becoming habit forming.

I don't want to take a medication for the rest of my life, especially one this controlling and (seemingly) addicting as this. I've never had a "routine" my entire life (school was hell,) so it just adds to my worry.
Even missing by a few hours or a day causes "craving pangs" but at the same time, this medication makes me so ill. It's gotten less over the four days but am I just getting used to it or am I becoming hopelessly and forever addicted?

Now, I know this medication is new but it's been almost a year (or more) since it's release for public testing and I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that felt like I do now and if they found this medication habit forming. If so, what have they done to break from it or even if they can...

Even if you're still on the medication, I want to hear from you about your experiences... please? I already had anxiety before taking this drug and now it's making it worse.