Last month I was diagnosed with Lumbar Radiculopathy, 5/17/13, with trigger thumb. Three weeks ago Doc put me on Prednisone, once again a waste of money, high glucose numbers, extra insulin costs, very little pain relief. I even took 800-1000MG of Aleve while taking the meds. I get some relief sleeping--when I sleep--in the fetal position. I've been to the physical therapist 4 times. I feel some relief after sessions, and doing the exercises I can do. Friday, 5/17/13, I was prescribed Tylenol #3 one tablet every 6 hours. It is 2:12 AM PST. Guess what? NOT WORKING.
I also received a honking big cortisone shot where the thumb meets the palm. That was numb for about 35 mins. Pain. What IS WRONG WITH ME? I broke my collarbones 13 years ago. No pain meds since then. Why isn't anything working? Am I not being heard? I go in for an MRI tomorrow, I will restate Pain Problem again. I am pissed, I hurt , I'm wasting time, and, money. Please, suggestions? thanks