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My residule shingles pain feel like a severe back ache which follows the nerve around, anyone else?

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Inactive 6 Aug 2012

Hello drm1963. Not certain as to what your question is, pledge

beazy39 6 Aug 2012

Absolutely - that is shingles, it effects and damages the nerves & so follows whichever nerve was attacked by your episode. Mine was in the upper portion of my back, left side & down my arm to my fingertips. You can trace the path of the nerves in Grey's anatomy.

drm1963 9 Aug 2012

Thanks, beazy39, you can't believe how many times I have been to the chiropractor thinking that would help and it doesn't. How long until your pain went completely away?

beazy39 9 Aug 2012

Sorry to say it has not. As I'm sure you have found from reading some of the posts here, this can be a long, long term problem. Some have found relief w/various prescriptions and combinations of drugs & creams, but everyone reacts differently. Work with your doctor, seek a pain specialist if you can or a neurologist. free discount card

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