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Has there been any research done on the new oxyneo if anyone knows answer to this question?

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Inactive 25 Aug 2012

Hello lynnjannet & so sorry no one has answered your question, I have looked this up recenly on Wikipedia for another member that lives in Canada. It is the new saftey oxycodone long acting med, that they have made where it cannot be abused by street drug users. There is quite the info offering on Wikipedia about it. Just go to & type in the search box 'canada opiad drug oxyneo'. It should come right up & explain it all to you. As with most other drugs like oxycontin, & opana which I believe are no longer available in Canada, are not as efficient in handling the chronic pain because of the way they were made tamper proof, so they also seem to be not as effective. The next step I had reccomended for her as a good pain reliever was morphine. I wish you the best & hope you find the info you are seeking. If not get back ahold of me, & I will look it up again, & give you the reference...

lynnjannet 1 Dec 2012

Thank you and I will do that and will let you know if I have any more questions. My problem is I was allergic to morphine . But was wondering if I would have built up a tolerance by being on the oxycontin for the last 12 years. Maybe would be worth another try. Or will I always be allergic to it

Inactive 2 Dec 2012

I am allergic to morphine & my doctor won't even let me try it. so good luck... Mary free discount card

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