I have Geno 3 type Hep C and take 2 different pills once a day. My Doctor's nurse sees me alone most of the time and I missed a dose and she told me that I have to bring her the missed dose. I have Medicare and a supplemental med insurance. The pills are already paid for and my name is on the bottles. That nurse had a home emergency today and an LPN stood in for her and I gave meds to her and she was puzzled and after telling her I was instructed to bring them to that nurse... she plainly said she had never heard of that. I told her I too thought it was wierd. She cannot return them to the pharmacy or legally resell them so what is up? And why? And should I ask my liver doctor about this whenever I see him again? According to his nurse that told me to give them to her... this is how she handles all Hep C missed dosages from all the patients. Very curious situation to me. Makes me wonder if something illegal is going on there.