Hi All, after my sleep study and going through many of the "traditional" sleep meds -- Ambien and all their relatives the doc finally said we need a sleep study ... I did and no apnea, thank goodness, but alot of leg movement and twitching, thus Restless Leg Syndrome. She has no prescribed me to take Klonopin or Serax (not both together) and then Requip. I'm familiar with the Serax family, as I have that on hand and alternate that with Restoril. But the Requip is totally new to me and I would love to hear all feedback, both good and bad is greatly appreciated. Also, for those that have already taken or are currently taking Requip how does it compare, if you have ever taken Mirapex in the past? Thanks so much! Here's to hopefully sleeping and not doing aerobics in bed! :)

Does either Requip or Mirapex cause any sexual side affects?