so today i reduced by 7.5 mg, bringing it to 122.5 mg of percocet. my dr said i can take 2.5 doses out of any 3 dosing, and keep one at 32.5, or reduce 1 dose by 7.5, which i did, wrong move, wds was unruley, and not compassionate at all. so decision made was 2.5 out of n3 making it less trauma for my body at one time. but the best part about it... i made it thru with alot of patience, encouragement from my dc family, dr, therapist and many more. only thing is, now im up with horrible wds, ibbyjibbys,and restless leg and arm syndrome. so here at 1245am hawaii time, my day will start> oh dear Lord when will all this craziness end, leanne