I was recently diagnosed with a scaphoid fracture of my right wrist.(per xray read by an radiologist). Urgent care splinted me on January 5. 2015 I saw ortho on January 7th I was the casted , long arm spica. Returned to ortho on February 5th(4 wks) cast was removed and wrist re-xrayed, not a lot of pain in the snuffbox.Ortho said no fracture, I was good to go. Later as I began to regain some ROM I had pain when turning for knobs and with upward flexion of my thumb. Returned to urgent care on February 14 2015 xrayed again radiologist said osseous irregularity of scaphoid possible fracture. MRI recommended. I was resplinted once again saw ortho February 23rd. I was told as far as the fracture is concerned I was healed that I was having ligament pain gave me a brace and told me to come back in 3 wks. I'm still in pain when I flex my wrist upward. Help!!!