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What should I replace for Halcion?

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kaismama 5 Sep 2013

I'm assuming you mean what would replace halcion. There are several sleeping pills and then meds like trazedone and amitriptyline. They aren't sleeping pills but work well for sleep.

cynthia mcduffie 5 Sep 2013

Would xanax be ok for a sleep agent. I have Adult Still's disease its like rheumatoid arthritis. I stay in constant pain and halcion was given to me so my nerves would sleep as well.What drug would you recomend?

Inactive 10 Sep 2013

I was prescribed Halcion in the mid 80's and it does knock one out. Surprised you found a doc to prescribe it in todays world. It is highly addictive and hardly used any more due to the fact it was linked to many deaths in late 80's. Its going to be a rough road, as they simply don't make sleeping pills with the same properties any more. I suggest tapering under dr advice and get it out of your system before trying another sleep ad. Changing straight from Halcion to another will not work. Another med could be used after the Halcion is out of system. You may need a different type of med... Been there, Halcion was the best, but, once off it, seems very hard to find same kind of med to give same results. You may have your lower your expectations of what you need.

BenzoBoy 24 Oct 2018

Rohypnol Is probably your best bet for replacing Halcion, tho you’d have to go to Mexico get a script from a doctor there and then pick up at Mexican pharmacy; many pharmacies in Mexico also have in house doctors so you only have to go to one place. You may be able to get a script for Halcion as well. Also since these would be prescribed by a doctor they are perfectly legal to bring back to US. Downside is your insurance won’t cover it and you would have to take a trip South of the border for refills (trip might not be a downside actually). free discount card

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