I have recovered from anorexia a year ago and now eat a good balanced diet everyday. I get the prescribed amount of fiber, get robotics, drink plenty of water and I'm still severely constipated. Sometimes I can go if I drink 1 cup of kefir a ton of water, 1/2 cup of beans, and 2 cups of coffee, and I have to do some jogging in place. Then I can usually go. But now everything has stopped working again and nothing I try has worked. I'm not just looking for a once in awhile laxative I need something that I can take everyday that will make my life normal. Something extremely effective seeing how nothing works.
I am very uncomfortable and have gas, bloating, and cramps. Every time I feel like I need to go I can't and when I push my inner rectum protrudes. I have also had a tiny bit of rectal bleeding. Are my intestines shutting down? What/Why is this happening?