Hello, I am a 37 year old female, recently diagnosed with suspected renal cell carcinoma, stage 1, and the tumor is 2,3 cm. I had a PET scan last week because of a chronic cough and very mild shortness of breath, and a 4 mm nodule was detected "adjacent to the major fissure within the right lower lobe". The report says "Displays no abnormal FDG uptake but might be too small to be accurately characterized by PET. This is felt to probably represent a small area of atelectasis or scarring". The final summary says it is suspicious for metastatic disease. I will be seeing a pulmonologist soon, and am wondering what the chances are that he will want to do a biopsy, given my RCC? My urologist doesn't seem too concerned, but as a mother of 2 very young girls, I am very concerned. With RCC stage 1, what are the chances that this is metastatic disease? I also have a reactive lymph node within the right hilum. What does that mean? Thank you so much!