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Can u remove a new nuvaring within 3hrs of insertion and reused 4 days after removal?

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DzooBaby 16 Oct 2013

No, I wouldnt do this.

BeYondRepair 16 Oct 2013

That is not the way the Nuvaring is made to work. I wouldn't do it.

endlessPred 17 Oct 2013

Good chance of infection. Also think about why you would do that. Is it worth the result of a child? Trapping a guy is ultimate failure. And if you had problems with it see the doctor.

ET123 17 Oct 2013

Thanks but I'm not trapping any guy cos I'm married with 3 lovely Children. I'm a first timer with nuvaring hence the naïve question but I appreciate ur honesty. Is it normal for the bleeding a day after u remove the ring cos I've been having horrible cramps with clotty bleeding since I removed the ring 5days ago

endlessPred 17 Oct 2013

Sorry about the comment but you would be surprised how often my comments get the truth out. Here is what you need to do. First this is not normal. Get yourself to a doctor right away. Something is causing the bleeding. Anything from a tear in the walls from the ring, infection, miscarriage, fibroid tumor, anytime one bleeds it is a sign of something that broke a vessel. Clotting means a lot of blood flowing at the same time. That makes things dangerous for you.

See the doctor right away. Let me know how you are doing, ok? Karen

ET123 17 Oct 2013

Thanks again and don't worry like I said u were only telling the truth. Will book an appointment to see my gynny ASAP. Will keep u posted. Thanks again free discount card

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