I have been on enbrel for 8 years along with mtx, it was wroking great, but in the last years i have noticed more fatigue more pain in my feet and other joints. the mtx even though it is the injectable is killin gmy stomach. My dr ordered an MRI na dit showed more erosions and active snyvitis and bone marrow endema on both of my feet.
Today my calves are so tight I can barely move the one leg, I have a lot of muslce aches but was told muscle pain and tightness is not from teh Ra?
My dr says to try remicade, he has me ready to go tomororw at 8 am with a 500 starting dose, since i have been on enbrel already. I am scared to death of all the side effects I read. I also read that most people who take this are saying they can't walk,cant dress them selves, I still go ot hte gym but force myslef nad yes it hurts but I do it, I am wondering if I am not bad enough yet to start this? I have intersitialy cystitis a painful bladder condiiton also an dit sayd htat bladder in fections is a side effect of remicade that and sinus infections of which i get a lot of both of which worry me.
I would lvoE to hear from anyone who takes remicade and also any opinions. I know that each person is different. I am usually that 1 perent that has problems although I have had No problems from enbrel but the mtx is killing my stomach even though it is injectabel, he had me skip this week and start next on a lower does, was on 17.5 said to try 10mg