Hello, I started remicade for ankylosing spondylitis, crohns/colitis & psoriatic arthritis. In any event, I've had bad luck with Rheumatologists, so I went back to my general. He did my first & second infusion, however, his staff is TERRIBLE! The girls never ordered the proper infusion supplies, so the doctor literally took a giant needle, attached a tube and pushed through the vials of remicade directly into my bloodstream in 10 minutes, probably less! This happened both times! I researched this online b/c I was aware on how it should be administered, and obviously it wasn't supposed to be administered that way! So now i'm seeing a Rhematologist who is doing my 3rd ever infusion the right way. My question is what are the side effects of having it done improperly that way? Do you think my body flushed it out? I feel no better at all. The new Rheumy wouldn't even believe me that it was administered that way! he just kept shaking his head! Do you think that it could have caused some more severe organ damage possibly? I'm very concerned! Also, it might be possible since it wasn't administered properly that my body just flushed it out and maybe I should start the entire initial doses again! thank you