I was in hospital first time for 6 days. Had 1st infusion 5/31. Taken to hospital delirious and very high temperature. I couldn’t lift my arms, sore throat, trouble swallowknots above my hairline to name a few. I was hospital on 6/20 for 4 days for 02 below 85. I came home on oxygen 24/7.
Pulmonary took 4 biopsies of my lungs. Heart rate is well over 100 with
headache and cough. I am in bad shape. Could this be the Infusion or the
Mixing and administration of Infusion. Pulmunary specialist will not speculate my outcome.
Has anyone heard of this adverse reaction before.? I feel like I am dying. It was so severe I am in bed almost 24/7 and can’t function.
process of mixing errors.? Pulmunary specialist does not know outcome