Hi , I was diagnosed with Chrones disease about 2 years ago. Immediately put on humira which YES took the spots and lesions away but HATED the side effects and pain still plus blotting. Decided about 3 months ago to take myself off. I felt great for about a month and a half but then that decreased significantly!! A few E.R trips and infections. And was recommended to Remicade. It's so complicated and a difficult decision because at the same time we are wanted to start trying to have another baby ! We've had two miscarriages which as any of you who have had to go through that know, it's one of the worst pains out there... in your heart. I have to get my body on the right track before we can even try. Just wondering how it has worked for others out there? I'm 28. 139 lbs. 5'3. So I worry about how it will effect me. Do you get sick the first dose?? I take it on Thursday I'm very nervous please respond!!
Thanks ! From deepintheheartof Texas