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Remeron - what has remeron done for you?

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Inactive 8 Oct 2011

Hello dennis k. I've been on mirtazapine, generic (remeron) for several years. I take it as a sleep aid. It helps me. Drawback in my case is an increase in weight. Its a common, normal side effect of the drug. People stop taking it often, because of that reason. Otherwise, its generally a fair drug/medication to be on, minimal side efftects. best to you then.

missdiddi 8 Dec 2011

The drug Remeron has shattered my life and the lives of my 3 beautiful children. My husband of almost 22 years was prescribed this drug from his primary care physician for insomnia related to immense job stress. After taking it for only 5 days, we awakened to find my husband dead of a gunshot wound to his head. My husband was going to call his doctor 1st thing in the morning to report his failure to sleep with this medication and feeling outside of his body. He laid his clothes out for work and made his lunch. Someone planning to kill themselves does not do that! He had no history of depression or mental illness. He was a Type A personality and planned everything in his life. He didn't have a "spontaneous" bone in his body. No note, no goodbye, nothing! Lives shattered! He would NEVER do this to me or my children. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG! :( free discount card

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