een on doses from 15-60mgs with 30 being the best I think. It helps get me to about 40% better and I get no SE's other than terrible weight gain (like 60lbs in a year) and I was kinda overweight to start with. I asked to be taken off it for that reason and was put on Wellbutrin XL 150mgs then 300mgs which caused me lots of anxiety (already a severe problem) so I was put on the SR version 100mgs BID then 150 BID without anxiety and it helps with motivation but not good enough. I've tried almost everything and nothing works like Remeron so I'm wondering if I took 30mgs of Remeron plus 150 Wellbutrin BID would that be too much Norepinephrine for somebody who also has severe GAD? I also take 60mgs of Latuda, 2mgs of Klonopin BID and 125mgs of Nuvigil once in a while. Also is their anything I can take to prevent weight gain? I already exercise fairly intensely