Hi, I was on lexapro for 5 years but was only on 5mg, then a few weeks ago I woke up with overwhelming anxiety and deep depression, my doctor told me to go up to o 10mg, well it was so bad I didn't want to live anymore and was desperate to try something else so the doctor said stop taking lexapro now and tomorrow night start taking avanza, I started on 7.5 and the nextt morning I felt like a zombie but my anxiety had lifted a bit, 3 days later I upped my avanza to 15mg, its day 10 on them now , just wondering will the fog lift sometime soon, I sleep ok probably 8 hrs but when I wake I feel scared bout day and think when will I feel alive again and not feel im not here .ill potter around trying to keep busy to take my mind off things and the way im feeling, at night im more relaxed..just want to feel alive and normal again... ive been staying with friend from when it started, i just couldnt function. . thinking bout goin home tonight to see how I feel im scared as I live on my own with my 6 year old..will I get better