I am a lifelong epileptic and have recently been using Remeron for mild depression caused by acute pain over the Christmas holidays. I never had depression or anxiety in my life, probably because I use Mysoline (a type of Phenobarbital) and Dilantin for my epilepsy. During the past few days I have suffered terrible anxiety. When I was first put on Remeron in the hospital I walked around like a zombie. And felt like one too! Yesterday the anxiety attack lasted a good three hours and frightened me out of my mind. So much so I almost went to another drug to pull me out of it. Then slowly I noticed an improvement. Today the attack is less severe thus far, but it is still damn scary. When I tried to balance my bank account I had trouble with simple arithmetic. This really scared me as math has always been my strongest subject. I never have had trouble with my sleep due the Mysoline and the Dilantin. I guess my question is this: should I wean myself off the Remeron?