Developed vertigo in July and with that came extreme anxiety. I got the vertigo under control but the anxiety stayed. They tried me on Cipralex 5mg which after 4 pills I was a basket case. Switched me to Ativan which worked for a few months and then stopped. They then tried me on Wellbutrin 1.5 XL combined with the Ativan .5mg which I believe added to the anxiety but stuck with it for awhile. Took myself to ER after having severe panic attacked and they advised Ativan not working and to start the Clonazepam 1mg in am. and 1mg in p.m. They tried me on Zoloft 25mg even though years ago I had a severe reaction. Lasted taking 8 pills and then developed another severe reaction. I took myself of the Wellbutrin with Dr's ok and was given Remeron 15mg to use in p.m. and to continue with the Clonazepam as needed until the Remeron kicked in. They advised that I was the type of person that does not do well with medications and this would be the last med they would try. I have taken 4 Remeron pills so far and feel much better. Still a little tired and not quite cleared headed. Sleep not too bad. The anxiety is not as bad during the day time. Am cutting the Clonazepam to .5mg and sometimes need another .25mg. So does this show that the Remeron is starting to take effect and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They say it takes 1-4 weeks to start noticing a difference?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!