I've been put on 15mg remeron nightly for anxiety/depression (started 2 days ago), was taken off lexapro after i had a breakdown cut my chest arms and legs with a razor blade, I was only on lexapro 2 days was on Sertraline 100mg for 3 weeks before that, my question is what am I supposed to expect with this drug? Things have seemed so dark for so long now and I used to be such a happy person, will I ever be the same again? I can't take benzos for anxiety because I abused them long term, gave up 2 months ago, so that leaves me just with this little pill. I've been exercising as much as possible, running 10k per day as well as cycling boxing weightlifting and other exercise. I've also changed to a much healthier diet but I still feel so low I want to crawl into a hole and die. Is this pill gonna help that, and if so, when? I'm tired of waiting to be okay again