I am a parent of a migraine/aura sufferer.

My daughter is fifteen and has silent migraine/auras that are debilitating. The three day hangover, severe nausea for days, sleeps on and off or thru the first half of the day. Misses school every week.
She used to have the severe Migraine headache pains with relief after vomitting that started before she could talk and didn't know they were migraines. They went silent with auras a year and a half ago and everything seems to be a trigger. Hormones, lack of sleep to much sleep, stress, change in weather. NOTHING seems to work. We were given a sample to try Relpax 40mg.

We are Weaning off one medication rite now past two weeks and has a few days left before we can start Relpax. AND as expected of course this was a trigger and she is down for the 3rd day today. "I'm in tears"!! My heart goes out to ALL living with this disability.

Wondering... Has this medicine helped anyone with the Auras?