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How can I relieve pain temporarily caused from a molar tooth until I go to the dentist?

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Stephen Treloar 24 Sep 2016

If it is caused by a cavity you can use clove oil for temporary relief or the teething gel that infants use (no idea about it's effectiveness). The other thing will sound stupidly like a no brainer but people do tend to forget. Sugars; chocolate will melt into a cavity causing major discomfort, soda is problematic, sugar in coffee, candy. Nothing sweet by mouth really.

Sugars are a single major source of aggravating the nerves in a tooth with a cavity in my opinion.

chuck1957 25 Sep 2016

Yes if you're still having problems it's okay to take the generic of Tylenol ex-strength or some type of Anti- Inflammatory just go to the Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist, what they have that well work the best for a toothache. We used to stock some bulk clove oil or a few other things behind the counter that could help you if you go to a local Pharmacy and not a chain store. free discount card

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