My conviction to sobriety is a strong one and to all of you who have been so supportive realize I ask this question Only because I need some kind of medication to help my body through this nightmare before it physically gives out on me. I am not a sell out, I just need to stop this internal misery. So, I have maybe 15 5 mg Lortab, I was never addicted to Lortab per se, however, could it be possible to take one 5mg in the a.m. Journal my symptoms, do my walks, my meetings et all, then around 8-9 hours later take one half, bringing to basically 7 mg a day, do that for two maybe three days then drop it to the one 5 mg in the am for 3 days then drop it to 2 .5 mg for two days then 2.5 skip a day, then, get off of them. Please people tell me it would be alright, it can't possibly be anything like putting suboxene back in my body,. I Wont Become Addicted, I am just thinking the relentless way this Suboxene screwed me up, I have physically got to have a break. I've already dropped 10 lbs, have not had normal digestive faculties in 3 weeks have a daily horrific migraine, plus every other symptom of withdrawal. I mean I am a realitivly smart person, does anyone think with extreme caution an due diligence I may be able to fix my chemistry this way? I will not go back to the doctor for suboxene so it's this or continuing this unending waiting game for some kind of health. I'd appreciate your input. Thank you, The Damage Done.