My son has Aspergers/ADD/ADHD, is 13 now, and has always been extremely gassy, and have been told by numerous health care folks that it is a side effect of the Aspergers, very common in fact, which I believe is true. It is getting to the point now where it is affecting him emotionally due to embarrassment and such and I have tried everything, such as changing his diet, gas-x... The gas bubbles build up in his belly to the point where I can feel them if I touch his belly, and they get trapped and he can't "Toot" (as he calls it). He will be laying down in tears, stretching and straining trying to "Toot", because his belly is hurting so bad, and he can't do anything to get it out, usually it EVENTUALLY works it's way out but by that point I am a nervous wreck just about because I am trying to comfort him and he is in so much pain. This occurs daily and I am about at wits end. Sometimes he will roll over on his belly and squirm and strain and is able to let out a couple of little "Toots" but not enough to do any good. Are there any other meds that I can try to give him or any other things that might help work the bubbles out so he can "toot" them out? I am willing to try anything, anything that you know please share!