Without going in to too much detail, I have a close relative who has always made up lies for attention, some of which, if they had been true, would have been very serious indeed. I have come to take everything this person says with a large pinch of salt but in the last couple of years they have been complaining on a daily basis of health problems and it has literally been one thing after another. When the attention for one problem dies down, another issue mysteriously arises. I and a few others have long-since been convinced that these stories are completely invented and that this person must be suffering from a mental illness to do this. Recently, while visiting their home country, they have had all the tests under the sun which found nothing but they went for repeat tests (colonoscopy, endoscopy, etc.) when they returned to where they live abroad. This time, they said a growth had been found and that something had been taken away for analysis during the colonoscopy or endoscopy). They did not have any actual surgery. The story now is that this was a malignant tumor but that they require NO follow-up treatment (surgery, chemo, radiotherapy or even check-ups) as the doctors, although they never actually operated, are 100% certain that the cancer is all gone and will not come back. I have never heard of this being the case (my wife has a relative who had lung cancer and, as a precaution, had the whole lung removed but still needed chemo to make sure all the cells were dealt with). I was wondering, from a medical viewpoint, if what this person says is possible? I am almost beyond being angry about the lies and sincerely think this person needs real psychological help. Is this a sign of a mental/behavioral disorder? It is worth mentioning that there are people with serious illnesses in the close family and therefore it is frustrating for other members that this person would lie like this, although most people genuinely believe them, more out of thought that someone so close to them would simply not be capable of lying about something like this than anything else, I suspect.