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Is there any relationship between diabetes and unpleasant feeling at the tip of the fingers ?

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Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Hello mahdiBahram. My answer would be a no however I am not a doctor. Regards pledge

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

It may depend on what type of feeling you are having. You can get neruopathy from having diabetes, which can feel like either pain, pins & needles, or numbness. My hubby is a type 2 diabetic has has neuropathy terribly. He shakes in his hands, & has not much feeling at all. He has this in his other extremities also. They have medications that can help this like gabepentin. I would suggest that you speak with your doctor about these feelings you are having. sometimes especilly with the feet, it can become a very dangerous situation, because you can actually lose your extremities due to lack of blood flow. This is very important, & you must let your endoctrinologist know about it as soon as possible...

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

You didn't say what other medications you are on, but most diabetics are also on beta blockers, which can give you cold feelings in your hands & feet. this should also be reported to your doctor...

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Hi Mary. I learned something new. Ha! Have a good one,

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Hi mahdi, and welcome. Mary is right. Neuropathy is extremely common with diabetes, and you should inform your doctor. It is very unpleasant, with symptoms from numbness, burning, pins and needles, (such as if your hand or foot fell 'asleep'), hypersensitivity to pain, and all at the same time!! I can get neuropathy so bad in my feet, that I can't walk!! I know of one person on this group who has to use a scooter because of severe pain from neuropathy. This is nothing to ignore. You have to keep track of the progress, and keep your blood sugar under control, or it will get worse. this is what leads to amputations with diabetes. People will hurt themselves, or get a blister or something minor, (especially in the feet), and it will fester into a horrible infection before you even realize. Given that you probably have the neuropathy in your hands, there is a good chance that you already have it in your feet, you just haven't noticed it yet. Please, keep it under control Diabetes is an insidious disease. Best of luck to you!!

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Hello E. Appreciate the info. Life is a learning process and I love both! Have a great day and enjoy the food if you might. Bye now.

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Since I not well enough to cook this weekend was awaiting an invitation to a good barbecue! (& a good cuppa too)... Mary

butterflylynn 2 Sep 2012

I second what Mary & MSFINO it is pretty common to get Neuropathy with Diabetes.
I have been Diabetic Type 2 for about 8 yrs & probably longer but just diagnosed 8yrs ago.

I have Neuropathy that started in my finger tips.
But now I also have Neuropathy in my entire hands & feet. I take Gabapentin that helps with the neuropathy which does help alot. Definately let your Dr. know & they can let you know how to proceed.
Make sure that you don't walk barefoot as if you have neuropathy in your feet you may not be able to feel blisters or cuts on your feet.. Which can get infected very easily before noticed & if you do not catch it you could possibly have to get them amputated. So Neuropathy is something that is very important to speak to your dr. about.
Take care, Kathy

ade1971 2 Sep 2012

I'm going to add my not very original two cents here. I'm type two and if you do have diabetic neuropathy in your hands (and not carpal tunnel for example) you'll most likely get it in your feet. Please, please take care of your feet. I have had 2 separate, very serious bone infections in my foot b/c I didn't feel the cuts that got infected; I was on anti-bioticsfor 6 months both tmes and lost a ton of bone. (Was also misdiagnosed by stupid dr.s but that's another story.) I also have total foot Charcot- where you don't feel when the bones fracture, it is often misdiagnosed or not seen for what it is- and so you walk on broken bones doing more and more damage. I don't want to be a fear monger, and many type 2s do just fine but I don't want people to have to go through what I have.

Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Great answer Ade. Glad you posted your experience ... Mary

butterflylynn 3 Sep 2012

How are you feeling? I have seen you on the boards so I figured you are doing better. How is your husband doing also?.
Great to see you on the boards again.
Take care, Kathy free discount card

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