I have liver cirrhosis and detected in Dec 2013. I am under medication. My reports are improving. I am a Banker and physically handicapped. I have to sit nearly 9-10 hours in office for work with no physical movements. My right leg is affected most due to Deformity after Dermato-myocitis. It was operated thrice under knee for correction. The blood flow in that leg below the knee is not normal. My both legs are showing swelling after coming from office. but the left leg becomes normal in the morning. But swelling in right legs persists for the whole week even if I am taking Lasiclactone 10 daily at bed time.

Now, in my both legs, below the knee Eczema type skin disease is developing for last 3 months and it is increasing day-by-day. It is itching and glue type of water is coming out of affected area.

Can I take suggestion of any Skin Specialist. Is there any relation between Liver Cirrhosis and Eczema?

Please answer