i am so scared, Its beeen 3 weeks since i have been off paxil and i still am not doing fine. I felt like i was back into withdrawl status today. I was in taht same paranoid state and my head felt like it wasnt screwed on tightly. i think i am spiralling real fast and im scared i dont have insurance yet so i cant see a dr. I am not one to try different drugs so when i do see a dr its not going to be easy. in the mean time des anybody have suggestions to get thru this until i can get in to see a dr. i have racing thoughts panic, anxiety which i can control thru special breathing but it jsut seems that the anxiety will find another way to affect me and i am depressed. I have been running the tred mill for a few days now to try to keep up the spirit. but today i jsut went right in to a tail spin... what is going on. does anybody know of a drug comparable to paxil besides lexapro had bad reaction on lexapro. left side of left eye was blurry and left side of face was twitching.my head is so unsteady and im not even on any meds right now. can depression and anxiety do that.