I've been taking the same brand of birth control pills for 10+ months and they've worked but I would never get my period on the placebo week, it would usually be during the week before the sugar pill.

I wanted to correct this by switching the placebos to the 3rd week of the package; I'm still taking 3 weeks of the real pill in a row and then the placebos. This was at the end of April when I made the switch and last had my last period. I should have gotten my next period at the end of May or beginning of June but I still haven't gotten it yet and it's in the middle of June now.

I know I confused the pill process in April by taking the placebos a week before I normally had been doing, and I'm hoping I start my period at the end of June during the next placebo week.

the first birth control pills I tried before these (Beyaz, horrible) I would mess around by skipping the placebo and starting a new package to stop my periods, which were happening 3 out of 4 weeks of the month, but skipping placebo didn't help. The days I wasn't on my period my boyfriend and I'd have sex and I was fine, never got pregnant. We had sex 3 weeks ago, during a regular pill week and the next weekend was May's End of the Month/Normal Period Time/Placebo Week but my period didn't come, and that's the one I'm still waiting for. The month of May was the 2nd month of this switch, and June is the 3rd and the placebo week is getting near.

I'm going to start really worrying if my period skips again. Is this normal to happen, with me doing the switch to try to regulate my period? Thank you for your help!!!