I have severe chronic pain from an injury to my lower back that's getting worse. (They can't do another MRI because of wires & screws in my rotar cuff tendons from another fall.) Besides degenerative arthritis in there it is also deteriorating, spreading further up my spine (buldging?, can't remember, but it also has caused neuropathy in my legs & feet that throb so bad they wake me up during the night, along with pain from Fibromalagia in my arms, shoulders, hands, etc., & I'm allergic to Lyrica. On top of that I have severe osteoarthritis in my left foot, been broken, (suppose to be wearing a brace but it irritates my skin too much), also bad in my right knee and right hip. My general practitioner sent me to this neurologist and he did the nerve conduction tests on me & confirmed the increasing neuropathy (place on my spine too) down both legs & feet. He said my last MRI indicated a spine so bad it looked like a man's who had worked on cement for 30 yrs. He ordered a long panel of blood tests to rule out Lyme's, etc. and it came back with a CEA of 3.0. He sent me back to my general practitioner who ran another CEA & it came back 2.4 normal (a yr. later). (Thank God, because I've had thyroid cancer.) Now my neurologist has discontinued me as "stable" and is refusing to see me anymore (Obama Care?) and has refused to prescribe anymore Hydroco/apap 10-325 for me that was the only thing holding down the pain so I could function, walk, etc. I have not been abusing it as I have not even taken as much as I'm suppose to, often taking only 1/2 pill when I could. I am an ex surgical assistant and a Christian and I know better than getting "hooked" on narcotics, but now my regular doctor says he can't prescribe my pain meds to me because of a new Fla. law, only specialists can. He said he could if I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, but not what all I have wrong with me. I can't even get an appmt with him until I'm completely out of the "halves" I've broken the few remaining into. I am in terrible pain already all over my body trying to make these few halves last. I could almost feel like a normal 68 y.o. woman with those pills and now I'm suffering and fallen again on my ramp. Why did they pass such a horrible law that hurts people that need pain relief? What can I do? Is there a type of doctor who will fill my Rx?