I have been dx w/ bipolar disorder & borderline personality disorder. I've had some minor setbacks, but now I'm on medical leave from work for several months due to: inability to concentrate & think clearly; depression; anxiety; irritability; overreacting; and "making a mountain out of a mole hill". I have been to two sessions of DBT therapy so I don't know how that will work. My major concern is the number of medications I'm taking (per one Dr.): lamictal; cymbalta; aplenzin; nuvigal (just increased the dose on this); klonapin; and latuda. I just started taking latuda two weeks ago and all I can feel is that it makes me tired. Does anybody have any advice/ comments for: 1) number of medications I'm taking ; 2) effects of latuda for tx other than schizophrenia? 3) advice on how I can feel better faster?