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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome - What Is RSD, and wherecan I get treatment?

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Steelersfan1214 26 Nov 2009

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a painful, chronic, progressive neurological disease. It affects the muscles, bones and skin of the affected limb. Generally, it develops after some type of trauma ie. fall. Other times there is no explanation as to why some people develop the disease.Characteristics include burning pain, sweating, coldness, swelling, shrinking of the limb and intense pain. There will be times when the disease goes into what I like to call "remission" and symptoms my improve. There are 2 types of RSD/CRPS- one w/ nerve injury and one without. Unfortunately both types share the same characteristics. The most important thing to remember is that treatment/diagnosis in a prompt manner tend to make all the difference. Unfortunately, my RSD/CRPS is worker's compensation related so I've been treated in a very slow manner.

freebird76 18 Jan 2010

i just wanted to say that i was told by many doctors that ice is the absolute worse thing you can do for RSD it only makes the condition spread.

freebird76 18 Jan 2010

i also wanted to say i've had RSD for about 8 yrs and you did an excellent job of explaining it

barbles2413 27 Nov 2009

Regional Sympathetic Distrophy or CRPS I would see a neurologist

lmintz66 28 Nov 2009

Depending on the location of your pain determines best who may or may not be able to diagnose your RSD. For upper extremities a hand specialist should be able to diagnose your symptoms. For lower a podiatrist may be better. IMPORTANT! ASK before you make your appt if the physician treats/has experience with RSD! Often they do refer to larger hospitals and pain management specialties. You should encourage your primary dr to refer you as soon as possible if you think you or someone you know may have RSD. Early diagnosis and treatment is important for a good prognosis. I hope this is of some help to you. Please let us know if we can be of further help to you.

barbles2413 28 Nov 2009

I was diagnosed by Pain Management doc then treated by an another PM doc who was an anesthesiologist because he was able to do the invasion proceeudres like nerve stimmulators and blocks.The do some testing with temp of your extremity checking for numbness and tingling color changes in the skin. I agree with a referral from your primary to one of the above suggestions neuro ortho pain management Good Luck

Steve_RSD 30 Sep 2010

The best doc to diagnose and treat are pain docs, anesthesiologists who specialize in treatment of chronic pain diseases, anesthesiologists are not only in the Operating Room but also are specialized to treat and diagnose RSD and other chronic pain diseases.

tradergirl64 6 Jan 2010

Hi Carol
Just wondering if you found a Pain Management Specialist (Dr.) as of yet, I realize it's been six weeks since your last post, however time is of the essence with CRPS, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment the better.

Every patient with CRPS responds differently to each therapy -- what works well for one patient may not work at all for another. Because of this, doctors may need to try many different medical therapies in different combinations. It is often best for patients with CRPS to see pain specialists, who are experienced in taking care of patients with difficult pain problems.

freebird76 18 Jan 2010

Hi i am new to the group i've had CRPS for 8 yrs now and you did a wonderful job of explaining CRPS/RSD . i couldn't have said it any better. i'm currently getting the ketamine infusions have any of you been getting this treatment option?

carol718 6 Feb 2010

Thank you trader girl64 for your concern. Your answer and everyones are just great and very helpful. I haven't been back for now because Iv'e developed some complactions. Iv'e developed shingles all over and my family Dr. can't seem to get them under control. We now have me on Valtrex 3x's a day to try to control it. The breakouts are a little better but not controled and the pain is unbareable along with the CRPS. He has now going to send me to a Rheumatologist for he said there was something showing up in my blood that needed a specialist, he wouldn't say what. This has lead to Postherpetic Neuralgia, which is worse nerve pain all the time. These all seem to be connected to nerve inflaimation, I hope this new Dr. can help. I am currentely in pain management for my medications and have been for 3 years trying to figure all this out. I take Cymbalata, Limital,Motrin,Methadone for pain, (I did take Viccadone for 3 yrs.

Lifewrsd 3 Jul 2010

I have RSD or CRPS and Ice made it go in to over drive and doctors could mot stop it, I now have it full body,

Steve_RSD 30 Sep 2010

cold and touch sensitive, my initial injury was a tear in the ligament in my left ankle, during PT they put on a cold compression boot and thats when i tore up the bed that i was laying in, thats when we realized something was wrong, was diagnosed within that week. - its a rsd research and treatment center, theres not a lot of hope, but at least we now have a center that is dedicated strictly to our disease. Someone knows and is working on it.

Steve_RSD 30 Sep 2010

I have rsd and i recently stumbled across an rsd research and treatment center, first of its kind around dedicated to the disease. Its in Tampa Bay, FL, , unfortunately there are only a few treatments out there and the probability of them working for each patient varies. There are also some people who have rsd that is resistant to many treatments, i am one of the lucky ones. I had lumbar nerve blocks that made the area that the pain was affecting spread, into other limbs. If you have any questions just let me know, good luck, i hope you find a good doc, they are hard to find, stay strong. free discount card

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