... an assortment of pain medicines, including the highest allowed daily dose of Neurontin (3600 mg.) I have had chronic depression all my life and usually found relief in anti-depressants.
However, for the last 12 months that is not possible. The SSRIs and SSDRIs cause a horrible reaction and make my pain worse. I was using an EMSAN patch until I read that it is contraindicated to use an MAOI along with Fentanyl patches. Please; I'm desperate for an answer. I've asked numerous doctors and pharmacists and they just won't take the time to give me an answer. I hate having to tell complete strangers, like the pharmacist, how I honestly feel - that I really want to die - because I'm afraid they'll call the police or do something drastic. How descriptive to I have to be to get an answer? I realize that wanting to die is also "drastic," but I trust you will better understand what I mean, as this relates to chronic pain that is physical and now psychological.
Does anyone know of an anti-depressant that I can take that won't have this horrible effect on my pain?