Hey everyone
I have had RSD since 2009 and been on many medications and many more side effects. I have developed heart and kidney disease. I have had a SCS (which worked very well) until I developed MRSA at the incision sites and it had to be removed. Is there a chance I could have another one inserted?
I have been off all pain medications but now I am experiencing a severe flair-up which has turned my foot in a 90 degree turn ( yep thats right).
Had to stop Rehab and very difficult to walk. Has any one had limb distortions?
My PM has ordered ketamine infusion 10 day 6 hrs a day, but until the treatment gets scheduled he has given me tam idol pain med. I am scared to death of both and would love any suggestions I have been off all pain medications since my kidneys failed and could not release the medications from my body.
Thanks to all
May your day be free from pain