... know if hypothyroidism is an unrelated condtion to rsd or a condition that possibly predisposes one to rsd. As a child, when it would rain, my legs would get very cold and hurt. I would cry and try to warm them. As I got older, the pain levels increased and I found that taking motrin and warming my legs helped. Now I have rsd and cold is my enemy. So is being too hot, but not to the same degree as being too cold. My thyroid levels have been jumping all over the place the last few years. The thyroid test over the last two or three years have showed hypothyroid but the doctors said they don't treat it at that level yet. My new pc doc just started me on levothroxin about 10 days ago. I have more energy, but cold is still my enemy. Has anyone being treated for hypothyroidism had any improvement with rsd symptoms? Thanks.