Hey guys,

Over the past year I have been taking I'll different medications for a bunion surgery that took place a little over a year ago, I have nothing but problems with my foot all the time. I have chronic pain from the idiot doctor that screwed up on my surgery! I have took everything thing you can name, in the attempt to stay away from Narcotics but Narcotics are the only thing that help me out. I wanted to know this. In a month period how any prescriptions can I get filled without anyone coming over me for questions. I have a Legit Prescription for Hydrocodone. For example I get a 30 day supply from my primary doctor and i just got another 20 day supply from a doctor at a hospital ( Due to me getting in a car reck) With the primary doctor i have filled 3 times. If I filled once more with the doctor from the hospital, will I get in trouble? This Thursday I'm seeing a pain management doctor so he can help me out and cancel my other doctors.ANYWAYS please answer and questions. Everything will help

Brett B