How slowly should I reduce my dose of Nortriptyline (currently on 150 mg daily)?
I am thinking half a tablet every three weeks. That would mean my daily dosage would be 137.5 mg for 3 weeks, then 125 mg for 3 weeks, then 112.5 mg for 3 weeks (until I reach 75mg daily). I want to halve my current dose and see if the side effects are reduced to a level I can cope with. Does this rate of dose reduction sound reasonable? - I do not want rebound depression nor do I want to discuss this with my psychiatrist (who is nice enough but big on using meds). I am 47 and have been on Nortriptyline for about 15 years - and on a vast array of antidepressants since the age of 15 (32 years). I am medicine compliant but I wish to reduce the dosage due to the side effects I suffer from. (Cardiac arrhythmia / palpitations, dry mouth, trembling, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and restless leg syndrome). I know I will have to continue to take the Nortriptyline, probably forever, I just want to reduce my dose. The restless leg syndrome is unbearable at the moment.
Thanks in advance.