me much. But when I went down to 6mls I started having heart palpatations, messed up sleep , hot flashes w/ heavy sweating. Thanks to a very smart person on here, I realized I was going down too much at one time. I have 2 months at 6mls and will then go down to 5ml daily. Instead of just taking 2mls 3 times a day ( i was used to 4 times daily on higher doses) which put me in the above situation, I just divided the 6 by 4 and got 1 1/2 4 times daily. This has helped a lot. I will do that for a while then go down to 1/ 1/4 daily.It hopefully wont be too bad doing it this way. My biggest problem is this facial hot flashes with heavy sweating. It is really bad. My face is so red I look I am sunburned bad. I am less anxious but still have the palpatations , not bad, but enough to make me be concerned since I take a beta blocker for this separate problem. Any help on facial hot flashes related to reducing pain meds? I am miserable, sweaty and so very fatigued. I also deal with on going medical problems so this is all on top of all of that. Its hard to be productive, spend most of my time in bed as moving around just makes me hotter. Have to admit I spent time in bed b4 reducing , due to pain and chronic fatigue. Suggestions, please???