I have been taking Lorazepam since March of 2013. Below you will see how I have been taking it and tapered so far:
3/2013-11/15/2013: .5 mg BID
11/16-11/27: .25 in morning & .5 in evening
11/28; 0 in morning & 0 in evening
11/29: felt exhaustion and blurriness; so took .25 in afternoon & .25 in evening
11/30-12/10: .125 in morning & .25 in evening
12/11-present: .125 in morning & .125 in evening

What should I do next to reach my goal of stopping the medicine? I haven't noticed any withdrawals yet. One thing I should mention on the 15th of this month I drank strong cup of coffee. I got anxious after drinking it so I had to take another .125 mg Lorazepam after my morning dose.