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How can we help reduce misuse of sildenafil among youths?

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kaismama 27 Jun 2013

We can't stop them from killing themselves trying to get high, I seriously doubt we can stop them from using that. Parents have to be parents and educate and monitor their children.

DzooBaby 27 Jun 2013

I was thinking the same thing as Kaismama. We cant seem to stop them from using opioids and benzos to get high, it is unlikely that we can get them to stop abusing sildenafil other than to educate them. Many people, not just teenagers misunderstand what this drug does. It doesnt make your penis bigger, it doesnt make a healthy man any better at sex. It is to bring better bloodflow into the penis in men who have compromised flow. That is it! It is not a magic "sex pill" People need to be educated that this drug wont make them perform better or longer. It can be dangerous if priapism occurs. Priapism (sustained erection that wont go down) can damage their penises forever. That may be enough to stop some of them.

kaismama 28 Jun 2013

If it made them better at sex it would be worth the huge amount they charge, lolol free discount card

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