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How can I reduce my husbands tramadol intake? He is taking more and more?

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Godsgotme 20 Mar 2017

@Dannysmum, if he's having pain and they aren't helping he needs to talk to the Dr. Another way to monitor the tram intake is to only give him the amount of pills he can have in a day. Like my script says I can only take 8 pills a day, so give him 8 pills and you keep or hide the rest. Once he has used or taking the max amount he can't get anymore. Have him try taking another form of pain relief before the trams and see if that'll help. Also, try taking benadryl with the trams when he's in pain. The benadryl helps to take away the pain faster and longer. This is just based on my experience, and the children's liquid works best.

Stephen Treloar 21 Mar 2017

Nice sentiment but the man behaves like a drug addict. Locking down his medication will get someone beaten. Drug addicts, especially opiods, can be horribly dangerous if they think you are making them suffer. Throw logic out the window. (lock up any gun you can find and make sure you are the only one who knows where the key is).

dannysmum 21 Mar 2017

True Steven - the more he gets the more he wants - sometimes taking 7 at once... seems no way out of it free discount card

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