I'm 27. I was first diagnosed with Clinical depression in '98. Over the Course of these 15 years I have been Diagnosed with Almost every kind of Mental disorder. Clin. Depression was followed by my docs diagnosing Schizophrenia and Anxiety Disorders and ultimately I was diagnosed with Bipolar. the Drugs I'm on right now, are:
1. Lithium Carbonate. 450 mg (Twice Daily)
2. Sertraline. 50 mg. (Twice Daily)
3. Clonazepam IP. 0.5 mg (Twice Daily)
4. MilnaCipran Hydrochloride. 25 mg (Twice Daily)
5. Lamotrigine IP. 25 mg. (Twice Daily)

The Dosage I feel is pretty heavy and though I feel more or Less Stable, I would be glad if I could reduce the quantity.

I am well aware that in long standing cases like Mine, It's best to go with the Doc's advice, But I'm pretty much tired of them. Have had to Change 5 Docs over the years and every one of them have diagnosed me with a new Disease.

Previously, I have also been into Highly Sedative drugs like Clozapine (4 years) and carbamazepine (3 years) & I was later told by my Current doctor that Clozapine was too Extreme a Medicine for my case and it was absolutely not required and might have worsened my Condition. I have No Idea as to where I stand right now In the path of Recovery or Management of my disease, but Yes, I would be glad If i could reduce the intake of some of these drugs which will make me feel Somewhat "Normal" as a human. Also, does Naturopathy/alternative medicine really help? Thanks and I appreciate you taking Time out to Read.