Ok so around 2 month ago my groin area started itching a lot, then about a week later after a bike ride I noticed red areas on both sides of my groin which was sore. I thought the hairs may be irritating it so I shaved them off. I applied some sudo cream which seem to make it worsen, I did some research online and it sounded like I had what they called jock itch, so I got some anti fungle cream which I used until 2 tubes was finished, it cleared it up abit but made the area burn. So I then just tried some johnsons baby cream which made it a lot better. But now I still have redness and soreness, it's not a bad as it was before but still annoys me. I'm now thinking the hairs growing back may now be irritating it as I can fill it prickling. The thing is I've had it nearly 2 months now and surly it should have gone by now. It's affecting me because if I walk about or ride it flairs up again. I tried staying off my bike aswell for around 3 weeks. So can anyone recommend a cream or something that will stop soreness? I don't really want to go to my doc for him to just say it's friction sores. PS I bath everyday so it's not my hygiene. Thank you