I have been experiencing something that seems to appear as a period, but I'm not quiet sure if it actually is. I'm not quiet sure if it's a period or not, I have been having cramps, that come and go. I've recently had some very rough sex, to the point where It started to hurt in my abdominal area, and yes we were using a condom. When I told him to stop I went to go use the bathroom, whipped myself and saw that I had light brown blood. the next day it went away. Shoed up again and it was still light brown. the day after that, I had dark brown blood along with tiny clots of blood. the day after that I had red blood with tiny blood clots, in which switched to light brown blood. the next day dark brown. I'm wondering why this is? it's been 7 days now and although the bleeding has died down, I'm still getting the dark brown blood... Also I forgot to mention it's not a lot of blood like my normal period, it's no more then a tea spoon... I am on birth control, I've usually experienced this before, but not for this long and I'm freaking out I don't know what going on. Can you tell me why?