I have norma BM'S, I was diagnosed with viral gastritis, my stomach became very descend, I had no problem releasing gas or burping, 1 only drank 1/2 glass of the red citrate, within 20 min it was like I had blood running down my leg with clotts went to the bathroom and it was liquid but with clots in it like on my menstrual cycle I was not on my menstrual cycle at all, I am still after 3 days having what looks like blood comming from my bottom still with clotts and I did not drink anymore than the one time I threw it away. I still have what looks like blood running down my legs still with clotts before I can get to the rest room. how long before this is out of my system. I had drank it before one time after surgery and never experienced this at all. I can't see my Dr till Tuesday. I went to the ER and they did a CT scan then sent me home with no information at all. I'm a little bit worried.